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What Your Lips Say About You: The Fascinating World of Lip Shapes.
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What Your Lips Say About You: The Fascinating World of Lip Shapes.

Oct 5, 2023

Lips are more than a cosmetic accessory or a place to apply lipstick. They are all unique sizes and forms, like a fingerprint. In nonverbal communication, our lips are essential and may even reveal aspects of our personalities. So, let’s explore the fascinating world of lip shapes and see what your lips could be trying to tell the world about you.

The Lip Art Reading

Let’s first acknowledge the significance of lips in communication before entering the fascinating world of lip shapes. Lip reading, commonly called speechreading, is a technique for comprehending speech by visually analyzing the speaker’s lip movements. It’s a necessary ability for efficient communication for those who have hearing loss.

The canvas on which communication is painted is the mouth, and the forms and movements of the lips represent specifics in language and emotions. Let’s examine some typical lip forms and see what they could indicate.

The Full Lips

Full lips are distinguished by plumpness and are frequently linked to Hollywood starlets like Angelina Jolie. These lush lips radiate sensuality and a love of all things enjoyable. People with large lips are often enthusiastic and love treating themselves to small pleasures. They are frequently viewed as self-assured, friendly, and eager to try new things.

Thin Lips

Thin lips differ from big lips in that they are lighter and have less volume. They could be curled or straight. People with thin lips are frequently perceived as sensible, careful, and controlled. They could value reason and intelligence more than feeling. They can also be renowned for their discipline and determination, though.

Bow lips of Cupid.

The upper lip of a person with Cupid’s bow lips has a prominent V-shaped curve in the center. They are frequently symmetrical and delineated. However, Cupid’s bow lips are considered to be imaginative, artistic, and self-assured. They could have a strong sense of aesthetics and self-expression. These people are frequently seen as charming and captivating.

Bowtie Lips

With a center dip in both the top and lower lips, bowtie lips have a distinctive form resembling a bowtie. Bowtie lips are associated with good communicators and problem-solvers as personality traits. They could have a good combination of social and intellectual abilities, which makes them effective mediators and diplomats.

Wide Lips

Wide lips are distinguished by their breadth, which runs horizontally across the face. People with wide lips are frequently considered extroverted, pleasant, and gregarious. They could naturally be able to connect with others and love being the center of attention. They flourish in social environments.

Thin Upper Lip 

A thin upper lip is narrow, whereas a broader lower lip may be present. People with thin upper lips are frequently considered to be reflective and contemplative. They could have a keen sense of empathy and a thorough grasp of other people’s feelings. They often have excellent listening skills.

Full Lower Lip

The lower lip of a person with a full bottom lip is fuller and more pronounced than the upper lip. People with big lower lips are frequently considered kind, caring, and sympathetic. They are renowned for their generosity and friendliness and put other people’s wants and feelings above their own.

Straight Lips

Straight lips have a comparatively even and straight upper and lower lip line. People with consecutive lips are frequently thought to be sensible and level-headed. They could value honesty and open communication and have a no-nonsense attitude toward life.

It’s crucial to remember that although exploring these generalizations regarding lip shapes might be entertaining, they are not perfect indications of a person’s personality or character. Lip forms are but one tiny aspect of the complexity of the human race.

Why Does Lip Shape Matter?

Some people care about lip form for cultural, aesthetic, and personal reasons. How people view their lips according to cultural notions of beauty can affect self-esteem. Lips also contribute to nonverbal communication because they may emphasize facial expressions. 

To match their ideal appearance, some people may pursue cosmetic operations to change the curve of their lips. It’s important to understand that beauty is a matter of opinion and that a person’s value is not determined just by the form of their lips. What counts most is how people display their inner traits, such as self-assurance and generosity, in their behaviors and conversations.

Identify your Lip Shape

Examining your lips in a well-lit mirror can allow you to determine your lips’ contour quickly. Here’s how to tell what shape your lips are:

  • Cleanse and prepare your lips by removing lipstick, lip balm, or other cosmetics before you begin. It will enable you to see your natural lip contour.
  • Get near enough to your lips in a well-lit mirror while you’re standing there. For more accuracy, consider using a magnifying mirror.
  • Look at the upper lip’s outline. Is the middle portion (Cupid’s bow) more noticeable, curved, or less pronounced and straighter?
  • Any peaks, curves, or dips along the top lip should be noted. Does it form a V or M shape, or is it more or less flat?
  • Take note of your bottom lip. Is it thicker or fuller than your upper lip?
  • Look for distinctive features like a full center or a central dip.
  • Examine your entire lip contour now. 
  • Examine the size of your lips and your face. Are they broad or narrow?
  • The look of your lip can also be affected by other distinctive characteristics, such as lip wrinkles, dimples, or birthmarks.
  • To better understand your lip shape, you may contrast your findings with typical descriptions of lip shapes, such as large lips, thin lips, Cupid’s bow lips, etc.
  • To get a more objective perspective, you can snap a close-up picture of your lips and contrast it with web references of different lip forms.


Like fingerprints, the forms of each person’s lips are distinctive. While some broad hypotheses have linked certain personality qualities to lip shapes, they still need to be proven. Numerous elements, such as heredity, environment, experiences, and personal decisions, influence personality.

The analysis of lip shapes still offers a fascinating component to our knowledge of human variation and non-verbal communication. Therefore, the next time you talk, pay more attention to those expressive lips, and you can find a new level of understanding and connection.